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Friday, December 27, 2013

焦糖布丁 Creme Caramel

I've been longing to do this dessert. My fear to do dessert haunts me all the time. Finally I buy vanilla essence and made it for real! And it was easy because I've got my helper! Nyahahahah.


Milk   500 ml  (my reference recipe actually suggested 400cc milk + 300cc single cream; Idk what's single cream so I just used milk, which I've read some other recipes that used milk only too)
Eggs   2
Egg yolk   1 (or you can just use 3 eggs it's fine, I just use a different recipe)
Granulated sugar   40g
Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon

For the caramel part:

Granulated sugar   50g
Boiled water 15ml

1.  Whisk egg. Lightly, like drawing circle. Try not to trap too much air in it. (Honestly this take quite some time to have the egg completely stirred. I don't have such patience so I left this to my sister. :p )
2. Add sugar and vanilla essence into the milk, stir until the sugar are completely dissolved. (Taste the milk now! :P I tried)
3. Heat the milk until you see bubbles at the side of the pot (almost boil). Some suggested 30C, I agak agak je. Make sure not to let it boil, they'll form a thin layer of geli milk skin. Ewww. And the milk fragrance will fall apart.
4. Let the milk to cool a bit to warm before pouring it into the egg. Washing down the egg with hot milk you will probably get an egg drop soup, in milk. Hahahah.
5. Stir the mixture, lightly, slowly. Yes, try not to produce gas bubbles. Lol. Be soft with it, it is dessert after all :D
6. Filter the pudding mixture with a sieve to remove any gas bubbles. Otherwise you'll get a holey creme caramel, more like cheese? Do it a few times wouldn't harm. It makes your little thing looks perfect.
7. Pour the pudding mixture onto the top of caramel.
8. Send them to bake or steam.

I did this after I done with the pudding mixture because I'm too frighten to start with this. Now you know how many times I failed at this - -

1. Melt the sugar in low heat until they turn coffee-brown.
2. If it's not brown enough, it only taste sweet but not the rich flavour of caramel; if it's too brown it's burnt.
Be careful with this because once they start to turn brown they get burnt very quickly. So keep yourself to the pot.
3. Once the colour is good enough, remove it from the heat source and add in the boiled water. (I actually have a pan of water by side to put the pot on it immediately after removing from the gas stove so that I can prevent the caramel from continue heating)
4. Pour the caramel into ramekins, cups, bowl or whatever container you use. Do it immediately after the caramel is done because the caramel will dry off; if you drop it everywhere like I did, I'm warning you it's very difficult to wash off. (Tips: hot waters help)

You're advised to follow only one recipe. I've read too many recipes and my memory gone wrong. I added 100ml of boiled water to the caramel and I wonder why the caramel are in liquid state for so long! Too diluted /______________\

1. Pre-heat oven to 150C.
2. Prepare a shadow pan with water. Put the containers on the pan and send them into the oven.
3. Bake for about 40-60 minutes.
4. When it's done, let it cool down before covering them with plastic wrap. (Or else the water vapour will fall back onto the pudding :/ ) I used plastic covers.
5. Put into the fridge for a night. EAT THEM ALL.

1. Cover the container with plastic wraps (I used tin foil)
2. Poke a few holes to let the water gets off (not sure with this because the holes I poked appear on my pudding! My mom couldn't stop laughing with that. - -)
3. Put water into the rice cooker and send in to steam.
5. Put into the fridge for a night and EAT THEM ALL.

I think the baked one has a denser texture, steamed one makes a smoother surface and texture. Both are nice! :) Too sweet for me though, yikes. Need to reduce the sugar level before I get diabetes.

I used this chinese tea cups to fill my creme caramel hahahahah. I think they are so fabulous. I've used them to make fruit pudding (more like jelly), creme caramel, even fill rice in it to eat. Bwahahahah. Some life for teacups eh? XD

Sunday, December 22, 2013


彩椒 三颗
起司 适量

肉碎 200克 (我猜)
冬菇 三颗
脯 一汤匙
鸡蛋 一粒

麻油 少许
蚝油 少许
酱油 适量
黑胡椒 适量
料理酒 适量

1. 把肉用调味料腌起来约二十分钟。
2. 冬菇切丁后和菜脯一起拌入肉馅里。
3. 彩椒对半切开,洗净去籽。 
4. 鸡蛋打入腌好的肉馅里,搅拌均匀。
5. 把肉馅填入彩椒盅里,大火蒸一会儿至肉熟。注意不要把彩椒蒸到软烂。
6. 取出放凉,铺上起司,送进预热好200度的烤箱,烤至起司融化表面金黄。

Saturday, December 21, 2013


白萝卜 两根  (我娘喜欢挑细的,味道比较浓重比较香)
五花肉 一斤
姜片  五片
葱段  适量
蒜米  五瓣

冰糖  一汤匙
酱油  一杯
水      两杯  
八角丁香 少许
白胡椒粒 少许

1. 五花肉跑活水,洗净切块备用。
2. 白萝卜切大块。

3. 热油锅,下姜葱蒜爆香后,加入五花肉翻炒。
4. 倒入卤汁酱料,大火煮滚。
5. 熄火,放入电饭锅慢炖一小时半。

很明显,我放的酱汁太多了!!! 幸亏还是很香很好吃。我看过几个食谱,方法都不尽相同。八角丁香和白胡椒粒是我自己乱搞加进去的。大多食谱大火煮滚后,小火滚再煮个四十分钟(应该是吧)就好了。

我人懒特有创意,我的锅子还得煮其他东西呢,于是我就很方便地取用了电饭锅来卤肉 XD 效果不错,大家都爱吃。反正我家有一大一小的电饭锅,不用怕没白饭吃,更何况这样要保温或再加热都很方便啊。 


Friday, December 20, 2013


今天探班陪未来外子人选吃午饭! 我也不是闲着没事干的人。只是刚好要带我弟到附近办事,于是乘机“撑台脚” 咯。机不可失嘛,上班族可是很忙的XD

 西芹炒鱼饼看起来很油,因为我一个失手下了很多蚝油 Orz


特地买了生菜来摆盘呢,是不是漂亮很多? 呵呵呵…… 不过都是我把它吃掉的,以后不干这种多余又拖累自己的事了……

我带了近两人份的饭,宏哥居然吃光光!! 我都快傻眼了…… 看来上班很饿哪。我记得欣耘也老是说上班的时候总是吃不饱。哈哈哈。